The Cosmonaut

We’re back again to purloin the choicest cuts from the locker of formerly-Patreon-exclusive releases. Namely, a new Field of Study for the scholar class, the Cosmonaut. As with all Sterling Vermin Patreon exclusives, the concept for this archetype was originally pitched by a patron then won a popular vote against other submissions. It was originally written in August of 2019 but has been updated for this wider release.

Cosmonauts are scholars who’ve chosen an esoteric focus for their studies—the myriad planes of the multiverse and travel between them. These scholars prefer to experience their subject of interest firsthand rather than rely on dusty tomes. To facilitate this preference, cosmonauts develop numerous defenses against the natural hazards of planar travel and a knack for finding hidden interplanar portals.

The Cosmonaut

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