Keep of the Kobold Queen Available Now on the DM’s Guild!

Keep of the Kobold Queen is a Japanese Roleplaying Game (JRPG) inspired pixel art title that includes an adventure optimized for 3 to 5 characters at 2nd level, six pregenerated 2nd level characters, new classes, new magic items, new monsters, and pixel art paper miniatures.

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An adventure…

In Keep of the Kobold Queen, characters will undertake a quest to investigate reports of a kobolds that have closed a major trade route. Their adventure will lead them through the town of Coneria and into the ruins of the ancient city-state of Cerulea. But is the disruption really as simple as a band of rowdy kobolds? Or have they discovered an ancient power in the ruins of Cerulea? Traps, puzzles, and dangerous battles stand between the heroes and their victory.

…advanced classes…

Inspired by the branching job systems of classic JRPGs, Keep of the Kobold Queen introduces two original advanced classes: the Cerulean Sage and the Dragonsworn Knight. The Cerulean Sage is a full spellcasting class for characters that want to learn to mimic the magical abilities of iconic monsters. The Dragonsworn Knight is a martial class specializing in pole arms and trained to make incredible leaps that end in devastating attacks against their enemies. By progressing through the adventure, characters can unlock the ability to multiclass into these advanced classes.

…and paper miniatures.

Keep of the Kobold Queen comes with sixteen original paper miniatures designed by pixel artist Marcos Freire including the fearsome dragon Pakhangba—a draconic esper characters can learn to summon if they discover her hidden location and curry her favor!

Keep of the Kobold Queen

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