Advanced Classes: Dragonsworn Knight

Hail adventurers!

In the coming months I’m releasing my first ever adventure on the DM’s Guild. One of my biggest inspirations in game settings and narratives is Japanese Roleplaying Games (often shortened to JRPGs) and this adventure, Keep of the Kobold Queen, leans heavily into the tropes of those games. Much of what makes a JRPG unique from its western counterparts is the mechanics and so this adventure works hard to bring those concepts to D&D.

One such idea is the “job tree” where it’s not just anticipated but expected that every character will end up taking levels in a variety of classes. In today’s update, I reveal the second of two “advanced classes” coming with Keep of the Kobold Queen; the Dragonsworn Knight. Inspired by the dragoon jobs of the Final Fantasy series, as well as the valkyrie jobs from the Bravely Default series, the Dragonsworn Knight fights by leaping about the battlefield wielding their iconic polearm weapons.

Advanced Classes: Dragonsworn Knight

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