Infamous Esoterica: The Abbalayar

Last week I released my first major collaboration as a project lead, Infamous Adversaries, on the DM’s Guild. The book contains 40 original takes on classic D&D monsters, explicitly written for each entry to be dropped into a campaign with little additional prep work required. In the course of writing Infamous Adversaries, there was a lot of material I was inspired to work on but that didn’t quite fit the scope of the book. Today I’m happy to announce the first entry in a series on this blog, “Infamous Esoterica”.

Infamous Esoterica will add in player options, new monsters, spells, and more related to the entries in Infamous Adversaries. If you’re looking to expand the role of the villains presented in Infamous Adversaries, these articles will give you tools to do that.

I’m kicking off Infamous Esoterica today with a new sorcerer archetype that represents that Abbalayar people of Faerûn. The Abbalayar (singular Abbalaya) are born with innate powers of prophecy. In some previous editions they were considered a subrace of humans but I felt they were better represented as an archetype for the sorcerer class. This has the added benefit of being useful if you’ve set your campaign anywhere other than the Forgotten Realms! Just rewrite the intro text and you’re good to go.

Infamous Esoterica: The Abbalayar

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