Infamous Adversaries Available Now on DM’s Guild!

This year I challenged myself to try my hand at being project lead for a big collaboration. I’m excited to say that I think it went really well! The project, Infamous Adversaries, is a collection of 40 original takes on classic D&D monsters by 16 designers, each created to be dropped into your ongoing campaign as a side quest or as the focus of a one-shot game. The collection features adversaries for every tier of play, including foes with challenge ratings as low as 1/4 and as high as 30. Each adversary includes a plot hook to spark your party’s interest, advice on roleplaying the villain, and the ne’er-do-well’s preferred tactics. Each entry concludes with a description of the unique rewards for characters who defeat the adversary—new magic items, new spells, allies, and other prizes your players will love!

Infamous Adversaries

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