The Complete Devout Handbook

Today I’m excited to announce the release the second installment of Outlandish Adventure Productions’ Ross Leiser and I’s series, The Complete Devout Handbook. Inside you’ll find new and improved versions of content previously featured on this blog as well as all new never before seen material!

Inside The Complete Devout Handbook you’ll find…

  • 16 new archetypes: 4 each for the Cleric, Druid, Monk, and Paladin classes
  • 42 new spells
  • And 36 new magical items

The Complete Devout Handbook

On the fence? Been burned by poorly balanced DM’s Guild content in the past and want to make sure this isn’t going to be another heartbreak? We get it! That’s why Ross and I have put together a completely free preview of the full product, The Incomplete Devout Handbook. We hope you love it so much you come back for more!

The Incomplete Devout Handbook

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2 thoughts on “The Complete Devout Handbook

  1. Picked this up a couple days ago, and I love it!
    Question about the Alchemical Cauldron-body monk: there’s no saving throw for Imbalance Enemy, is that correct? If I hit the same target twice, can I apply a yin imbalance AND a yang imbalance?


    1. There is no saving throw, correct. The feature doesn’t indicate this (I’ll have to correct it in the future) but a creature can only be under the effect of one imbalance at a time (for both game design and thematic reasons).


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