Hand of Dread Playtest

Fans of the Pugilist class may have noticed that last month the class earned an Adamantine metal on DM’s Guild. That means the class has made over 5,000 sales and, at the time of this post, is in the top 14 best selling products of all time on the DM’s Guild. That’s amazing!

I wanted to celebrate by adding something totally new to the class: a magic archetype. I decided against creating a third caster archetype and instead focused on creating features that emphasized supernatural themes. The end result is a fight club for pugilists’ that have pledged themselves to dark powers in exchange for the strength needed to destroy their enemies.

Before adding this fight club to the pugilist, I wanted to create an opportunity for a round of public playtesting and conversation about the Hand of Dread. If you have any thoughts, reactions, or feedback I’d love to hear all about it! Leave a comment here, tweet @ me, or join the conversation on our subreddit. Please be aware that if this archetype meets the standard necessary to be officially added to the pugilist class it will be made available in the full paid product.

Hand of Dread

If you are reading this article and are super confused about what the Pugilist class is, you can check it out on the DM’s Guild right now.

The Pugilist Class

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One thought on “Hand of Dread Playtest

  1. I love the idea of having one of your arms be some sort of horrid weapon, my only gripe would be that it kinda steps on the Warlocks toes a bit too much. Maybe if you went more the route of having the arm being transformed through personal experimentation or a horrible accident and less by a specific patron. For example, they experiment on themselves with black magic by grafting demon skin on their arm, or are given the arm through a fight with a Hag or they punched an eldritch horror in the gunt and when they pulled their arm out it was changed, something like that.


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