The Scholar Class Graduates to the DM’s Guild!

Unlikely heroes though they are, scholars leverage their impressive genius and prestigious educations to overcome challenges that would thwart less prepared adventurers. Whether they’re analyzing an enemy for weaknesses or giving sagacious advice to their allies, a scholar’s keen powers of reasoning and deduction can clutch victory from the jaws of defeat.

The Scholar class is a new class for D&D 5th edition. Not all intellectuals need be spellcasters and the Scholar proves how powerful mundane genius can be. Whether they are turning the tide of a battle with Sage Advice, deducing their opponent’s next misstep with Analyze Enemy, or cramming all night for a test the next day with Quick Study, scholars leverage their wit and logic to win the day.

The Scholar Class

If you’re more comfortable taking the 101 course rather than going full graduate thesis, you can check out our totally free preview of the class complete with all 20 levels and 2 archetypes.

The Scholar Class Preview

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