The Magus Turns Two

Today we’re celebrating the Magus class’ 2nd anniversary on the DM’s Guild with a whole mess of new (and some revised) content. Since it’s release on the DM’s Guild on December 9th, 2016 the class has been downloaded by over 14,000 players and DMs. With this update, the class is better than ever.

With this anniversary the Magus class will become a paid product on the DM’s Guild. It has been a PWYW product for almost the entirety of it’s first 2 years there. Everyone who downloaded it in those first two years will get this update absolutely free. Everyone who didn’t can get the class, plus 6 archetypes, 19 spells, 20 magic items, and 4 NPC stat blocks for only $2.50. Not a bad deal for the latecomers!

For people familiar with the class, the anniversary update adds a new archetype, the Sidereal Cabal. Magi in the Sidereal Cabal look to the stars to see the weave of destiny. Some believe fate must play out regardless of personal cost while others place a higher priority on free will. In addition, the update adds 2 new spells, 20 new magic items, and 4 NPC stat blocks. Many existing spells and features have been revised and improved. You can see all those improvements and additions for yourself right now!

The Magus Class

If you’re reading this and have never heard of the Magus, you can check out the free preview of the class on the DM’s Guild now. It includes the core class and three archetypes.

The Magus Class Preview

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