The Spiritualist Class Now Available on DM’s Guild!

Spiritualists truck with restless spirits and wield psychic powers. Having survived a brush with death, spiritualists discover that not only can they sense the presence of the restless dead, they can also channel them. The forgotten promise they made while on death’s door allows them to cast spells that manipulate the emotions and senses of others, as well as exert their will over life and death.

If you’ve been following the blog this month, you’ll know I set a goal for myself to iterate and finalize a new appropriately spooky class by the end of the month – and I have! The Spiritualist Class is now available on the DM’s Guild. For the time being it’s a PWYW product. At some point in November I’ll do a balance and editing update, probably including some new content as well, at which point it will become a paid product.

The Spiritualist Class

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