The Spiritualist Class, First Draft

To celebrate the spooky season, I’m working hard to complete a new class – the Spiritualist – by the end of this month. Presented here is the first draft of the class, levels 1 through 20. Since the previous draft last week I’ve added 10 new levels to the class, a new archetype, and 1 new spirit. By the end of the month (basically the start of next week!), I plan to add at least 3 more spirits and do some rebalancing. The end result will be published on the DM’s Guild in time for Halloween.

As always, feedback and comments are welcome. Please bear in mind that in the future this content may be part of a paid product on the DM’s Guild.

The Spiritualist Class, First Draft

The Spiritualist Class is complete and now available on the DM’s Guild!

The Spiritualist Class

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2 thoughts on “The Spiritualist Class, First Draft

  1. the hit die it to small for the bloody blade class to be effective with anything but ranged weapons and the 1 spellslot seems like a needless limitation since it increases to 2 spell slots the next level


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