The Spiritualist Class, Early Draft

This month we’rd taking a detour from our exploration of the Nevermore campaign setting to reveal something decidedly more spooky – a new Halloween inspired class. The spiritualist is a magic user who gained the ability to cast spells after a brush with death and channels the spirits of the unquiet dead for more power still. Here is the early draft of the class, levels 1 – 10. After getting feedback from readers, I hope to have this class published on the DM’s Guild by the end of THIS MONTH. That would be crazy fast, but Halloween deserves it.

As always, feedback and comments are welcome. Please bare in mind that in the future this content may be part of a paid product on the DM’s Guild.

The Spiritualist Class, Early Draft

The Spiritualist Class is complete and now available on the DM’s Guild!

The Spiritualist Class

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