The Sorcerer Class, Revisited Now Available on the DM’s Guild!

At long last, the Sorcerer Revisited is available on the DM’s Guild. This re-imagining of the sorcerer class attempts to address common criticisms of the class with minimal changes to ensure the class is still compatible with all official subclasses. With a greater pool of spells known, more Metamagic options, and a spell points system, the Sorcerer Revisited emphasizes the class’ theme of arcane flexibility and innate power. Best of all, it’s free!

The Sorcerer Class, Revisited

To celebrate the release of the Sorcerer, Revisited (and because I wanted them as play aids myself), Nate graciously agreed to make print-and-play cards for the Metamagic options available in the Sorcerer, Revisited. If you’re not using the class revision, you can toss the ones I wrote and just use those from the Player’s Handbook.

Metamagic Cards

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