Nevermore: The Janusian Society

We’ve discussed a lot of the world and some of the major powers but today we focus on the shadow empire whose tentacles are slowly squeezing all of Nevermore: the Janusian Society. On its face, the Janusian Society is a wizards guild that seeks the advancement of mortals so they might determine their own fate. In reality, the highest members of Janusian Society seek to clutch the seats of power for themselves alone.

Nevermore: The Janusian Society

But wait, there’s more! What world-spanning violence-planning conspiracy would be complete without a custom repertoire of weapons? The Janusian Society equips their muscle with elemental bolt casting rifles, swords made of radiant light, and magical grenade launchers.

Janusian Society Equipment

If this is your first time catching a Nevermore update, or if you’ve been following up but want a quick and easy refresher, we’ve compiled all the Nevermore updates (including this one) into a single document. We will update it as we continue to explore Nevermore. You’ll note that much of this compiled document has improved since it was originally published here – we have Reed Dorsey to thank for that.

The Complete Notes on Nevermore

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