The Sorcerer Class, Revisited

Way back in March of 2017 I said that of all the content in the Player’s Handbook that hasn’t aged that well, the one I had the best grasp on what I would do differently was the sorcerer. I posted a revision of the class and said I’d post another one in a few months. Guess what I never did: post another one in a few months!

Today I’m fixing that. I’ve been kicking this idea around in my head for a long time but in terms of importance it’s always been in the back of the queue. Now I’m making a character for myself and really wanted to play a sorcerer but really didn’t want to have to play the one in the Player’s Handbook.

My biggest issue with the sorcerer class as written in the Player’s Handbook is that it doesn’t really feel like it deserves to be its own class separate from Wizard. It’s mechanically incredibly similar it just has significantly fewer options in terms of spells it can cast and gets a very small number of Metamagic options to mess with the spells it gets. In previous drafts I’ve toyed with giving the sorcerer additional Metamagic options or more spells known and shifted the sorcerer from spell slots to purely spell points. In this draft I’ve fused all those changes into a single feature, a repurposed Font of Magic.

This Font of Magic feature allows a sorcerer to regain all their expended spell points (their spell points have been adjusted down to compensate for this) AND puts them in a temporary sorcerous trance that gives them free reign to cast spells they don’t know and use Metamagic options they haven’t selected. I think of it as a kind of spellcasting rage.

If the idea has intrigued you, read on!

EDIT: The Sorcerer Revisited originally published here is no longer available. You can read the final version of it, for free, by following the link below.

The Sorcerer Class, Revisted

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