The Scholar Class, 2nd Draft

The Scholar class is an Intelligence based non-spellcaster class that lets D&D players take on the role of tactical geniuses, medical prodigies, and savants of all stripes. Last month we presented the first full draft of the class. Since then I’ve been hard at work revising it based on the feedback we received. This draft includes revised features for the core class, for the Physician and Tactician archetypes, and includes two new archetypes: the Diplomat and the Theologian. This Scholar class was originally inspired by reddit user wdalright’s first draft of a class by the same name. You can find his take on this concept on the DM’s Guild.

the Scholar class, Second Draft

EDIT: You can now find the final version of the Scholar class on the DM’s Guild by following the link below!

The Scholar Class

With the public release of the second draft of the class, Patreon backers are getting early access to the first draft of the Culinarian Field of Study for the Scholar. If the class catches your interest, you can see the new archetype today by pledging!

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