Nevermore: the Gods

This month we take another break from exploring the geography of Nevermore to examine its gods. Gods are divided into two categories: Firstborn and Secondborn. The Firstborn are the children of the Primals. The Secondborn are usually the children of Firstborn. Many gods still walk the face of Nevermore but more still have retired to a life of tranquility in the Golden City.

The Firstborn and Secondborn kin of the Primals are collectively referred to as gods. Where the Primals are singular beings who will themselves into existence, gods are nuanced, consistent, and born from progenitors. In contrast to the handful of Primals in existence, there are hundreds of Firstborn and thousands of Secondborn. Gods who fought loyally against the Primals during the war retreated with Ialdabea to the Golden City, where they now spend most of their time. Gods who refrained from participating in the war or who sided with the Primals remained in Nevermore.

Nevermore: the Gods

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