The Complete Martialist Handbook

Today I’m excited to announce the release of my collaboration with Outlandish Adventure Productions’ Ross Leiser, The Complete Martialist Handbook on the DM’s Guild. Here we reimagine, improve, and expand on the content that marked my VERY FIRST blog post over two years ago. It’s come a long way!

Inside The Complete Martialist Handbook you’ll find…

  • 16 new archetypes: 4 each for the Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, and Rogue classes
  • 17 new weapons
  • 18 new feats
  • And 36 new magical items

The Complete Martialist Handbook

On the fence? Been burned by poorly balanced DM’s Guild content in the past and want to make sure this isn’t going to be another heartbreak? We get it! That’s why Ross and I have put together a completely free preview of the full product, The Incomplete Martialist Handbook. We hope you love it so much you come back for more!

The Incomplete Martialist Handbook

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