Giff Race Now Available on DM’s Guild!

Long ago the giff, a race of hippopotamus-headed humanoids, lost their home world. Since that time, they have been traveling the multiverse operating as mercenaries. Despite their itinerant society, their culture is highly structured. Every giff has a rank in a military hierarchy that includes all giff, with strict rules and guidelines for interacting with superiors, inferiors, and peers.

A fan favorite of old school D&D players, the giff recently made a big return to D&D in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. In that book they were presented as a threat to encounter in an adventure. In the conversations that followed the release of Tome of Foes people were repeatedly asking about the giff as a playable race. As of today, the giff are playable in 5e! Along with their racial write up and traits, this document also includes new weapons (grenade, musket, and pistol) and two feats specific to the giff.


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