Nevermore: the Evermore

When I am preparing an entire region for player characters to explore I try to have a good mix of ideas. In the Evermore region of Nevermore, large story ideas like the Eldest Empire will help catch the PC’s interest in maybe checking out the area while smaller hooks like Edinnu gives me something to blindside them with when they actually get there. I use this same concept of moving from large to small scale story hooks when making adventures for my campaigns too.

In fact, that’s perhaps the biggest secret to success when creating a setting: it should be written like an adventure. When your players hear about the places and the people in your setting, they should be itching to get directly involved in one conflict or another.  That’s the reason your setting exists! Nothing excites me more than players resolving the inherent problems of the setting in ways I hadn’t expected them to.

At the heart of Nevermore is the Evermore region, so named because in ancient times it created ever more of the world with each passing day. This region consists of the Worldsbirth Caldera, a massive crater continent at the heart of the world, the Great Seal, a mystical ward restricting the flow of ichor, and the Caul, a mercurial region of islands immediately surrounding the Worldsbirth Caldera.

Nevermore: the Evermore

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