Bakemono Sentai Dunger!

Two years ago I decided that April would be the month I let myself focus on writing niche science fantasy elements for D&D. I started with rules for starfaring vessels, Sailing the Astral Flow. Over the years I was delighted to discover there might be an audience for science fantasy in D&D as I received numerous requests to revisit, refine, and expand those rules. Which, spoiler alert, I plan to do at some point!

Today’s update brings an early draft of something I’ve been trying to decide how to implement in D&D for a long time: giant piloted mecha golems. I have so many unused and unpublished drafts of this concept! I’ve toyed with making them function like magic items, making them work like creatures (as they do here), creating an entire point-buy system to customize your very own giant piloted golem and many other ideas.

The Bakemono Sentai Dunger is my test for interest in piloted golems in D&D as well as figuring out the best way to implement them. Plus, even though I was a bit too old for the show when it came on the air, I have always had a soft spot for Power Rangers. So today, on my birthday, I invite you to check out Sterling Vermin’s Bakemono Sentai Dunger!

Sterling Vermin’s Bakemono Sentai Dunger!

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