Pugilist & Magus Character Sheets Now Available!

We are pleased to share that, as of today, the Pugilist and Magus both have character sheets available on the DM’s Guild. The Pugilist character sheet was put together by Emmet Byrne, a new friend of the Sterling Vermin, and the Magus character sheet was created by Nathanaël Roux, a long time friend of the Adventuring Co.  These character sheets include the class specific features on the sheet for quick and easy reference in play and are available as Pay What You Want.

Magus Character Sheet

Pugilist Character Sheet

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One thought on “Pugilist & Magus Character Sheets Now Available!

  1. Yeah, so I love the set up of the Magus sheet. Did you make that template yourself, because I now want it for every class. Too badass!


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