Weapons & Feats for Feedback, Vol. 3

As you may have noticed in the last two volumes of feats for feedback, I included a caveat that these feats may be featured in an upcoming product but stayed mum about what that product might be. Today I’m happy to officially announce The Complete Martialist Handbook.

The Complete Martialist Handbook is a collaboration between myself and Ross Leiser of Outlandish Adventure Productions that includes a ton of new player options to the game. The Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, and Rogue classes each get four new archetypes, we’ve got a boatload of balanced feats (thanks to the excellent feedback you all have provided!), new weapons, and new magical items.

Fans who’ve been around since the start of the blog will recognize the name – it was my very first post on this blog. The Complete Martialist Handbook coming this spring / summer will add to and replace the material found there. It’s amazing what three years of writing has done for my game design and writing skills (spoiler alert: its improved them). The content of the book is currently 80% into second draft. Once we get to 100% second draft it will go to the editor and we’ll start working on the art and layout.

But I know you came here for the instant gratification of new feats TODAY not an awesome supplement you have to wait WEEKS for. So enjoy this final installment of feats for feedback!

Weapons and Feats for Feedback, Vol 3

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