Welcome to Nevermore

From my first days of playing D&D til today, I have spent the majority of my time playing the game as a DM. With each new version of D&D (or each new system I played in) I took a lot of joy in creating a new setting. A little over a year ago I started running a new game and I decided it was time to do the same for 5th edition.

I approach campaign creation from the top-down. I like to figure out what the themes of the setting are and what has shaped its history through to the modern day. I knew I wanted to play with themes of conspiracy, ancient mysteries, and various kinds of horror and thought long and hard about the best way to cement those themes into the core of the setting. Nevermore is the result.

Nevermore is a world overripe with adventure, intrigue, and horror. The broken bodies of the world’s creators litter the land and, with the majority of gods ruling in absentia, ambitious wizards conspire to place all mortals under their collective thumb. Haunted by the fallout of an ancient war, the people of Nevermore are forced to endure the cruel whimsy of powerful supernatural beings or accept the governance of the Janusian Society in exchange for protection. Nevermore needs heroes. Are you ready to be one?

Welcome to Nevermore

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