New Weapons & Feats for Feedback, Vol. 2

In today’s update we’re showcasing 9 new feats and 5 new weapons for use in your campaign. Included is an update of the Whip Master feat featured in the last Feats for Feedback post with two options – please let us know which one you like more by commenting here, on our subreddit, or @ us on twitter. We are also tinkering with new weapons which include adding a few new weapon properties to the game. We’re excited to hear what you think about those too!

Feats are a challenging design space so we welcome all feedback, theoretical or actual play! Be advised, we may be including some version of these feats in an upcoming paid product.

Weapons and Feats for Feedback, Vol. 2

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8 thoughts on “New Weapons & Feats for Feedback, Vol. 2

  1. I’m gonna say it. Martial artist is far too strong. The unarmed strike damage is too high for one. Reduce to 1d4. The unarmored ac is fine, but remove the extra stat bump.
    Additional recommendations: make it require 13 dexterity.
    Make the bonus action attack function with simple weapons without the two handed or heavy property, and shortswords. It won’t throw damage off too much, and it really captures the feel of “this Guy is a monk wannabe, but he’s a DARN GOOD monk wannabe.”


    1. The Martial Artist feat gets a lot of benefits so I can see why you zeroed in on it for possibly being too strong. My concern with dropping any of the current benefits is that it would make the Martial Artist feat too weak. It gives a lot of benefits but you could easily get most of those benefits just by fighting with another weapon. For example, if you fight with two scimitars you have already three out of the five benefits (can use Strength or Dexterity, d6 damage, can make an extra attack as a bonus action) of this feat without even needing to invest a feat in it.

      I do like your idea about maybe expanding what kind of attacks the person can make and still make an unarmed strike as a bonus action. If I did that I probably could (and maybe would need to) reduce the damage of the unarmed strikes.

      Thanks for the feedback!


      1. I think your older martial arts feat was closer to the 5E standard for balance. Maybe you could take the base feat for the older one and and 1/2 profiency bonus to the AC as your new feat?


      2. I do like the martial artist, but as another mentioned above it may be too strong as a feat. Coming out of the gate you get as much unarmed damage as a 5th-10th level monk.
        IMO it seems that this may be more along the lines of a Martial Artist Class foundation instead of feat.
        If you wish to keep it as a feat compare it to tavern brawler. Make the damage 1d4 then 1d6 at 11th. Or perhaps keep it at 1d6 but no bonus attack.


  2. Sword Master
    Add scimitars to the list of weapons this feat applies too. Additionally, perhaps change thrust to “once per turn, you may increase the reach of a melee weapon attack by five feet, and move five feet towards the creature. This movement does not trigger opportunity attacks.”
    Whip Master
    Option two. That is all.
    Thrown weapon master
    Third bullet point, alternative: when you make a melee attack with a throwing weapon on your turn, you may use a bonus action to throw it at a creature. Additionally, when you throw a weapon at a creature, you may use a bonus action while within five feet of that creature to grab your weapon and make a melee weapon attack with it.
    Laborer style
    Additional benefit for sickles “when you attack a creature with a sickle on your turn, you may use a bonus action to attempt to grapple that creature or knock it prone.”
    Dwarven combat training.
    The weapon selection feels too narrow. Otherwise, I think it’s a solid feat.


    1. I love all these notes, thank you.

      In re: to Dwarven Combat Training the weapon selection is taken straight from the list of weapons that dwarves get proficiency with as a racial trait. I’ll look at it again and see if I can think of how to keep that theme while expanding the list.


      1. Extra idea: have laborer style increase the damage die of some weapons (clubs, light hammers, sickles, Maybe handaxes, and slings.) Put the weaker simple weapons on even footing with the rest of the simple weapons, ya know?


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