the Avenger Class, 2nd Draft

Way back in the day, one of the Sterling Vermin’s patron’s, Jared J., requested we update a class that had become popular in D&D 4e. He had already created his own version of the class and had some ideas so we worked together and released a new version March of last year. Some people really liked it and some people, a lot of people even, really didn’t.

Whenever I write something that is particularly controversial I like to give myself some time and space to think about it. Even if I’m sure it’s well designed or well balanced, I like to take some space, get my mind off of it, and come back with fresh eyes. When I did, I found that many of the criticisms of the early draft were well founded. Intermittently over the last year Jared and I have exchanged notes, talked about where we could see the class going, and made changes. Today I present the 2nd, and I’m excited to say much improved, draft our Avenger class.

I’d like to thank everyone who provided feedback on the first draft of the class and, of course, Jared for his support!

the Avenger class, 2nd draft

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2 thoughts on “the Avenger Class, 2nd Draft

  1. I have a player that will be playing a beastfolk avenger in my Eberron campaign. He’ll be level 3. I’m very curious how it’ll play and looking forward to it! Any unforeseen issues that you know of?


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