the Summoner Class, Early Draft

Presented here is an early draft of a new class, the Summoner. While D&D has a handful of conjuration themed player options in the game, some fans of “pet classes” and summoning magic in other fantasy games feel the available options don’t quite scratch the itch. The Summoner is meant for those players.

Summoners learn the laws of the multiverse by rote to call creatures from other planes to their service. Every summoner forms a bond with planar creatures
known as espers. An esper is more than a servant to a summoner, an esper is a valued companion and source of magical power. By binding an esper to service, the
summoner learns a fraction of that esper’s mystical abilities. Likewise, an esper grows in power the mightier the summoner who calls it to the material plane.

While this class has undergone a few rounds of feedback already, it is by no means fully developed. I am happily accepting feedback, critique, and other ideas about where the class is at and what it needs before being complete. Share your thoughts here or on our facebook, twitter, or subreddit. It is possible at some point in the future that the final version of the Summoner class will be included in a paid product.

the Summoner Class, Early Draft

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