New Feats for Feedback, Vol. 1

In today’s update we’re showcasing 6 new feats for use in your campaign. These feats center on creating unique fighting styles for your character. In some cases that means specializing against certain types of enemies and in others it means enhancing your character’s abilities when using certain weapon or weapons. Feats are a challenging design space so we welcome all feedback, theoretical or actual play! Be advised, we may be including some version of these feats in an upcoming paid product.

New Feats for Feedback, Vol. 1

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3 thoughts on “New Feats for Feedback, Vol. 1

  1. I like these a lot. Dervish Style may be a bit too much, and I only say that because I would take it for literally any martial character I build. It’s so awesome it may not balance well with the rest.


    1. honestly it feels like a skimmed down cunning action mixed with a dash of the Mobile feat. It isn’t too POWERFUL, so much as it might be too VERSATILE. The Mobile feat does something similar, after all, and nobody’s complaining about that, are they?


    2. It’s almost like cunning action+ isn’t it? Not that I’m complaining, since it’s not too outright POWERFUL so much as it is too Versatile. Then again, the Mobile feat does something similar, and nobody’s complaining about that.


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