Fan Shout Out Friday

Over the years the pugilist class has picked up quite a following. Today I want to highlight some of the pugilist’s biggest fans. If you know of one I missed, let me know in the comments!

First, our featured art for this post is Bran the dwarf! Bran was a Sweet Science pugilist with a magic whip that met an unfortunate end at the hand of some Deep Scions. This beautiful illustration was created by emilikarm for reddit’s u/Expellionas. Expellionas has assured me that though Bran may be (not quite but might as well be) dead, he plans to give the character another shot in a future campaign. Let’s wish Bran better luck next life!

Next up is a series of magic items any pugilist would find handy from the fine D&D blog, Only Play Wizards (ironic name given the shout out, no?). John Bultena (of Only Play Wizards) dreamed up boxer’s shoes of the butterfly, the lucky tankard, and smelling salts. If only poor Bran had these when he ran into those Deep Scions things might have worked out differently!

Finally, a few redditors have shared their home made pugilist archetypes. Vox Populi, a fight club for rebels and freedom fighters, was created by u/Herpon314. If you have feedback, comments, or praise let him know on the thread on r/sterlingvermin. u/LegoMySuperEgo and his DM u/ShadeJackrabbit have been cooking up a pugilist equivalent to the monk’s Drunken Master archetype, the Drunk Tank. He’s still looking for feedback so be sure to jump in on the conversation on r/unearthedarcana or our own r/sterlingvermin.

I’d like to thank Expellionas, John Bultena, Herpon314, LegoMySuperEgo, and ShadeJackrabbit for letting me shine a spotlight on the wonderful ways they’ve shared their enthusiasm for the pugilist class. I’m thrilled the pugilist has made a difference at your tables!

If this is the first you’ve heard of the Pugilist class you can download it from the DM’s Guild and pay what you want for it!

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