Optional Rule: Simplified Damage

Mike Mearls recently tweeted about speeding up combat in 5e and dealing set amounts of damage rather than rolling. While the overwhelming number of participants in the twitter poll voted that they would not prefer to remove damage rolls, I found the idea interesting and wanted to explore what that would look like in play. In today’s update, Optional Rule: Simplified Damage, attacks and spells deal set amount of damage depending on your degree of success on the attack roll (or degree of failure on the saving throw).

Optional Rule: Simplified Damage

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2 thoughts on “Optional Rule: Simplified Damage

  1. This system needs to address Great Weapon Fighting, the “minimum 2” effect of Elemental Adept, and possibly other things that deal with minimum damage values that I’m not remembering off-hand. On the other end of the spectrum, it also needs to address things that deal with maximum damage, like the Tempest Cleric’s Destructive Wrath, which causes an automatic maximum damage roll rather than a normal roll.


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