That Good Night

Previously on the blog we’ve featured variant rules and options, such as Critical Hits Revisited and Troubled Minds, to make your D&D 5e campaign gritter and darker. Today we’re providing a preview of another variant rule to enhance the sense of danger and finality in your game, That Good Night.

Using the optional rule, That Good Night, spells that return creatures to life are no longer guaranteed successes. Instead, creatures targeted by such a spell may fail to return to life or, if they do, might return bearing a terrible curse for defying the boundary between worlds. Death is no longer an inconvenience to be resolved with a quick trip to the nearest city and a pile of gold and returning to life may not always be worth the cost.

A revised version of That Good Night will be featured in our upcoming DM’s Guild project currently code-named, Project: Nightmare Mode.

That Good Night

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