New Saurian Subraces: Deinony and Sarchos

Today we are happy to announce that two additional subraces have been added to the Saurian race: the Deinony and the Sarchos.

If you aren’t familiar with the Saurian, they are kin to the behemoths of the Monster Manual, a race of ancient dinosaur-folk who uphold the proud traditions of their prehistoric empire even as their race fades like dying embers. If you are familiar, the Deinony form a merchant and ambassador caste, tasked with being the public face of Saurian city-states to their neighbors. While the onslaught of ages has affected the Saurian hard as a whole, none more so than the Sarchos who find they are alienated even among their own kind.

You can check the Saurian and these new subraces out today at the DM’s Guild with our PWYW option or in our Sterling Vermin Anthology!

the Saurian Race

the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. Anthology

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