the Knights Stygian Added to the Magus Class

Blending martial prowess with magical power, the Magus class is the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co.’s 5e take on swordmages, arcane archers, seekers, wardens, and other half-spellcaster / half-martial types of previous editions. Every Magus is defined by their Eldritch Armament, the way their talents for war and magic intertwine, and Eldritch Society, an archetype that determines the kind of spellcasting and spells they access.

In today’s update, the Knights Stygian join the other Eldritch Societies of the Magus class. The Knights Stygian are magi who use necromantic magic to enforce their own interpretation of justice, terrify their enemies, and convert slain foes into undead allies. Along with their archetype features, the Knights Stygian also introduce one new cantrip and three new spells. If you like the Magus but have been holding out for something with a little more dark eyeliner and black nail polish, today’s your lucky day!

the Knights Stygian join the Magus Class

With the release of the Knights Stygian the Magus class has reached half of its stretch goals and has half left to go. If you’ve enjoyed the Magus class and choose to support it by paying what you want on the DM’s Guild you’re helping everyone get access to the final two as-yet-unannounced Eldritch Societies!

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