Optional Rule: Adventurer’s Expertise

Today’s update is a small one because I know you all are too busy digesting that massive Mystic pdf to process anything bigger! Adventurer’s Expertise is an optional rule intended to be used to create a bit of gradation in the skill & tool proficiency system using the expertise mechanic that’s already a part of the system. If you think it’s weird that Wizards have the same degree of skill with Arcana than any Sage who dropped out and became a Fighter instead, here’s a simple fix!

Adventurer’s Expertise

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2 thoughts on “Optional Rule: Adventurer’s Expertise

  1. I dig the idea at least in spirit. But, using your example, wouldn’t a Sage be just as dedicated to the study of the Arcane as a wizard sans the actual spell craft? A sage that became a fighter reminds me of Roy Greenhilt A character in the ongoing webcomic Order of the stick. His father was a Wizard and wanted him to be one as well so he raised him as such, teaching him all manner of Arcane secrets until ultimately Roy disappointed him and took up his grandfathers sword and became a fighter. The back rounds, at least imo, represent so much more than a abandoned profession that one gave up to take up the life of an adventurer. It’s a sum of all your life experiences up until you became one. It can create an interesting mix like for example your character is a Warlock with the street urchin back round. You grew up in a gutter, until one day a voice told you that you could be soo much more than what you are. You have found new use of the skills you developed as an urchin in serving your new patron not only that but you have been able to deliver some well deserved pay back to some old enemies. One day though, you will show the entire city that leaving people to starve on the streets isn’t the way to treat others…


    1. In my experience a character’s background is largely that – the background. If someone plays a Sage Fighter, I wouldn’t expect them to have as good or better proficiency with Arcana as I would a Wizard. That scenario is actually what got me interested in writing this system in the first place!

      I played a Eldritch Knight Fighter who had the urchin background and, as such, could pick locks. We had a Rogue in the party who was fairly annoyed when he discovered the Eldritch Knight Fighter who used to be an urchin back in the day was as skilled at picking locks as our Rogue. Seemed kinda weird to me too.

      That said, I think Adventurer’s Expertise is flexible enough that, mostly, if you want to get proficiency in a skill there is a way to do that. The human race even does give you expertise in one of your background proficienies!


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