the Knights Stygian, an Eldritch Society for the Magus

After just 2 months on the DM’s Guild the Magus has already met its third stretch goal so today we reveal the next upcoming Eldritch Society, the Knights Stygian. Here’s a bit about them:

The Knights Stygian take it upon themselves to seek out and cleanse the world of its corruption. These magi seek to protect the innocent, defend the weak, and ensure justice is done. They do this by wielding necromantic magic that simultaneously terrifies their living foes and turns their defeated foes into foot soldiers in the magi’s service.

If you don’t already own it, you can get the Magus from the DM’s Guild.

The Knights Stygian Eldritch Society is already available for preview and feedback to our Patreon backers. You can become one here. The final version of the Knights Stygian, along with at least 4 new spells, will be added to the DM’s Guild when we meet our 4th Magus stretch goal.

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