How-to-Homebrew: the Pugilist

The Pugilist first debuted on the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. in January of last year. With the feedback of our readers and fans we spent the next five months honing in on the good stuff and cutting out the not-so-good stuff. During development and after release a few fans reached out to us to share the Fight Clubs they were developing for the class but recently fans have been requesting a step by step guide on the topic. Today we happily oblige!

Sterling Vermin’s Guide to Homebrewing the Pugilist

This is our first attempt at writing a guide to creating your own content so please feel free to give us feedback on what advice is helpful, what’s not so helpful, and what would be helpful to add. That would be helpful! Very helpful!

If you work on or finish your own Pugilist Fight Club be sure to tell us about it here, on our subreddit, or tweet us about it. We’ll be happy to redirect our readers to you for feedback and adoration (adoration not guaranteed)!

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