Saurian Race Now Available on DM’s Guild!

Thought lost to history, or myths to begin with, by most civilized people, the Saurians are an ancient race of people with physical similarities to the behemoths of D&D worlds. To hear the Saurians tell it, they are the eldest race of the material plane and ruled the world for ages with strength and wisdom. A cataclysm in their past caused them to lose their grasp on the younger races and as fewer and fewer Saurian children were born, they eventually were left with few remaining enclaves hidden in remote regions of the world.

Divided into castes by ancient tradition and isolated from the rest of the world the Saurians are at a turning point in their history – cling to their past until the bitter end or strike out into the world and forge a new path.

As with all of the Sterling Vermin’s content on the DM’s Guild, the Saurians are Pay-What-You-Want. Included in the Saurian race are five subraces: Ankylos, Plesios, Pteradas, Triceras, and Tyrannos.  Additional content will become unlocked & added to the Saurians as it meets the stretch goals detailed on the DM’s Guild page.

the Saurian Race

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