the Shadow Court Added to the Magus Class

In less than a month we’ve reached the second stretch goal for the Magus class and added its first new Eldritch Society, the Shadow Court!

The Shadow Court opens up new character options for the Magus, letting players take on the role of conspirators and saboteurs who prefer to strike from the shadows. The Shadow Court’s variant of the Mystic Mark allows its magi to imbue their unarmed strikes with magical power and its spell list encourages deception and disadvantaging their opponents. At higher levels, magi gain additional power based on one of the clans that comprise the Shadow Court and even learn to cheat death.

the Shadow Court joins the Magus Class

The next stretch goal for the Magus class is a second additional Eldritch Society reveal and our Patreon backers have already weighed in on what they’d like to see. Just like with the Shadow Court when the next Eldritch Society is revealed we’ll give our backers an exclusive preview and collect their feedback before implementing it into the Magus class.

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