the Shadow Court, an Eldritch Society for the Magus

In a week’s time we’ve knocked down the first stretch goal and the first additional Eldritch Society for the Magus is revealed: the Shadow Court! Here’s a bit about them:

Magi in the Shadow Court belong to clans of conspirators who have seek to shape local and regional politics as well as wage a clandestine war amongst one another for secrets and objects of power. Although those outside the Eldritch Society know it as a singular group, the Shadow Court is in fact composed of multiple clans that blend stealth, fighting prowess, and magical ability. Magi in the Shadow Court are secretive by nature and are forbidden from revealing their clan’s goals and activities to all but their most trusted companions.

If you haven’t checked out the Magus yet you can download it today from the DM’s Guild.

The Shadow Court will be officially added to the Magus class when we reach the $500 stretch goal but Patreon backers will get a preview of the Eldritch Society as it develops starting today! If you’re interested in getting an early look at the Eldritch Society, or providing feedback or playtesting, consider pledging to our Patreon campaign!

2 thoughts on “the Shadow Court, an Eldritch Society for the Magus

  1. Hi! All this stuff is awesome. I’m digging the Magus so far and looking forward to this subclass, especially since it might fit well for one of my players in the future!

    In the meantime though, what are the chances thst you might release a guide to homebrewing for your content soon? Such as homebrewing our own original Pugilist Fight Clubs or Magus Societies, with details on what each subclass feature is geared toward?


    1. This is a really interesting idea. No one’s ever suggested it before, so I”m not totally sure how much interest there is, but I really like the idea! Once the holidays wind down I”ll think a little bit more about what such a project would look like. Thanks for asking about it!


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