the Magus Class Now Available on the DM’s Guild!

Combining martial prowess and magical power, the Magus class is the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co.’s 5e take on the swordmages, arcane archers, seekers, and wardens of earlier editions. If you want to play a warrior whose spells are as deadly as his sword (or axe or bow), the Magus is for you. If you want to play a mage who’s dedicated to an esoteric society that taught her all she knows about magic and battle, the Magus is for you.

We are happy to announce that the Magus class will be offered on the DM’s Guild at Pay-What-You-Want. If you’re on the fence about your interest or simply can’t afford to pay for the Magus, get it this weekend for free! If you’re a fan of the Magus already and want to see it expanded, consider paying whatever amount you like. At $500 in sales, and again at $1,000, $1,500, and $2,000, we will be adding a new Eldritch Society to the class.

the Magus Class

If you’re new to the Sterling Vermin and like what you’ve read here today we hope you’ll consider subscribing to our subreddit, following us on twitter, and most importantly supporting us on Patreon. If the Magus got you excited about the kinds of content the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. produces you can see some of the player options we’ve already made available on the DM’s Guild here, including our popular streetfighting class, the Pugilist.

3 thoughts on “the Magus Class Now Available on the DM’s Guild!

  1. I love the class, and have been practically stalking it since the debut. I have to ask though, why the art overhaul? I was really loving the previous artwork. Not to say I don’t like it now, which I do. Like it, I mean. But why the change from realistic to sketch?


    1. The previous art was placeholder art we don’t have the rights to include in a product. The art included here was created just for us by an artist we were able to hire using the money raised by our Patreon backers!


      1. Ohhh. Man, I wanna know where you found all that art. They’d make awesome wallpapers. >.> Is there a .zip or a Drive link with all the pictures from the previous version? Or where did you find all the placeholder images? I need a few of those in my life.


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