the Vampire Prestige Class

Thanks to the excellent feedback we received when we posted the early draft two weeks ago we are happy to present the complete Vampire Prestige Class today. Adventurers 5th level or higher who have been exposed to vampirism through a vampire’s dark embrace can join the prestige class which includes 5 levels and 17 Bloodborne Powers – the unique blood magic of the vampires. Becoming a vampire isn’t all blood powered magic and baring fangs though – to grow in undead power you will have to consume the souls of your fellow vampires!

The Vampire Prestige Class will remain Pay-What-You-Want through October 31st! If you enjoy the class, please consider giving it a review or rating on the DM’s Guild website!

the Vampire Prestige Class

If you’re making a character for a Halloween one-shot this weekend you might also be interested in our rules for playing the dhampir, the cursed children of vampires. If you’ve already downloaded the dhampir, be sure to check out our latest update which has been revised to reflect more precisely the nature of their vampiric heritage!

the Dhampir: an Original Race for D&D 5e

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