the Saurian Race

In prehistory, Saurian empires stretched across the face of the world ruled by gilded capitols in steaming jungles. Today all that remains of those empires are a handful of surviving descendants of the Saurian amidst crumbling ruins in lands forgotten by time. Although the world has passed them by and the races they once rules over have all but forgotten them, the Saurian struggle in obscurity to preserve the ancient laws and traditions of their once great civilization. As the sun sets on the Saurian people only those few who are willing to abandon their tradition and become outcaste adventurers ever see the world beyond their ruined homes.

the Saurian

the Saurian Now Available on the DM’s Guild!

The last two weeks we released two of our readers’ favorite Sterling Vermin originals, the Beastfolk and the Pactborn, on the DM’s Guild. If you’re already a fan, be sure to check them out for all new art and clarified rules! If you haven’t checked them out yet, it’s the perfect time to fix that!

the Beastfolk


the Pactborn

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