Beastfolk Now Available on DM’s Guild!

The Beastfolk are now available as a Pay What You Want product on the DM’s Guild! As part of their inclusion on the DM’s Guild we have new art and newly clarified text. If you’re unfamiliar with the Beastfolk, we’ll let the introduction speak for itself.

Whether born or cursed to the form, beastfolk are a collection of humanoid races that each bear strong resemblance to an animal. Due to the dizzying variety of animals in the world, and beastfolk that take after them, as a whole beastfolk have few common bonds. They may form small communities, particularly if they all resemble the same animal, but often times they live on the edges of civilization and only interact with those with the insight to see beastfolk are at least as much human as they are animal.

the Beastfolk on the DM’s Guild

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