The Scholar, Early Draft

Greetings bookworms!

In today’s update I bring you an early draft of the Scholar class. I have tinkered with the class off and on for months now – nearly as long as I’ve been working on the Pugilist! During that time the Pugilist class took the majority of my focus, not to mention keeping up with all the other blog content, so the Scholar hasn’t gotten my full attention. With the completion of the Pugilist and its additional archetypes I am ready to sink my teeth into my next big project and the Scholar just might be it!

In an attempt to take what I learned with the Pugilist and apply it to a new project I am only presenting the first 5 levels of the Scholar. If I get enough usable feedback and there are enough major revisions of these first 5 levels I will continue to focus on just these first 5 levels and these 2 archetypes until I feel certain the “ground level” of the class is complete. So much of the balance of the Pugilist revolved around the first 5 levels that I realized only on the 3rd or 4th round of revision how much time I would have saved if I had just kept my work focused to the first 5 levels for longer!

Thematically, the Scholar is a class for heroes who apply critical thinking, theoretical knowledge, and practical skills to their careers as adventurers. Mechanically, the Scholar is an Intelligence based character class that borrows from bits of the Bard and the Rogue but remains firmly non-magical.

the Scholar, Early Draft

EDIT: You can now find the final version of the Scholar class on the DM’s Guild by following the link below!

The Scholar Class

6 thoughts on “The Scholar, Early Draft

  1. Hi, Benjamin!

    I really like the concept overall and the early levels are looking great. My questions and comments primarily deal with wording and clarification, and not with balance.

    In the document, you kept referring to the “proficiency modifier.” WotC always calls that the “proficiency bonus” in the PHB. It can still be understood the way you have it, but I generally tend to prefer consistent language in homebrews.

    In the Critical Analysis feature, the placement of the “You can use this feature again after you finish a short or long rest” sentence is a little confusing. Can you only use your bonus action to gain Critical Analysis points once, or can you only add your proficiency bonus to a creature’s roll once? I believe the intent is that you can only gain points once. If that’s the case, maybe you can rephrase the ending sentence to something like “Once you use this feature, you cannot gain Critical Analysis points again until after you finish a short or long rest.”

    The wording on Advanced Analytics is, at least to me, very confusing. Is the intention just that expending points no longer uses your reaction?

    There are a couple of places in the document (the Doctor’s Orders feature and the First Aid Application) in which a singular (“a” or “1”) is used before “hit dice.” To be grammatically correct, both instances should say “hit die” instead of “hit dice.”

    As I said, mostly grammar and clarification notes. I really like how the Scholar is starting out. The art, backgrounds, and formatting are, as I’ve come to expect, gorgeous, and I like the balance of everything as it currently rests. I look forward to seeing how the class develops.


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    1. Howdy Ben!

      This looks really good and I have to say I look forward to seeing you make progress here. I’m going to say that the grammar could use a little work just as Ross said. It took me a couple reads of the critical analysis skill to realize what it did. Rewording/reordering it would definitely help.

      As I said, I look forward to this and perhaps having it play tested in one of my groups in the future.


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      1. Thanks Richard! I am planning to update this entry in the next day or two with those grammar changes so be sure to come back and check it out if you plan on giving the Scholar a whirl!


    2. Thanks for this indepth reply, Ross! Prior to blasting this update out to the usual forums I am asking /u/barkalot (my partner in crime) to make some of the changes you mention here for clarity’s sake!


  2. Hey, I hope this is going well! I look forward to playing a scholar in my next campaign. Keep up the good work, Ben!


    1. Ah, wow! That might be the first Scholar ever to see play! I am developing a second draft of the class. Not sure when it will be out as this week and next week are already finished…could be second week of August but might be a bit later than that. If you are a Patreon backer I will leak the next draft there early.


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