Additional Fight Clubs for the Pugilist

Today we complete the pugilist class launch on the DM’s Guild with the addition of three new Fight Clubs: Arena Royale, Bloodhound Bruiser, and Salt & Vinegar. Long time readers of the blog will be familiar with the Bloodhound Bruiser and Salt & Vinegar fight clubs from previous drafts of the pugilist class. Arena Royale is a completely new addition and was the final Fight Club voted on by the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. Patreon campaign backers. You can find these new Fight Clubs at the DM’s Guild now!

Additional Fight Clubs for the Pugilist

In case you missed the initial release two weeks ago, you can find the pugilist class on the DM’s Guild too! If you didn’t miss the release you should still check it out because the Pugilist has received its first quality of life improvement clarifying the text of the Fighting Spirit feature and upgrading a couple art assets.

The Pugilist Class

Patreon supporters of the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. have access to an exclusive Fight Club, the Whiskey Fist. For a monthly pledge of $1 or more you can get access to this Fight Club immediately as well as other Patreon backer exclusive content  released monthly. When you pledge you get all Patreon backer exclusive content to date – that’s 4 exclusives as of today with an additional piece still to come for June and every month after!

Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. Patreon Campaign

Finally, I wanted to highlight a few pieces of Pugilist content from the community.

In the unearthedarcana subreddit, /u/the-Magic-Sword has created the Bancho Fight Club for all your charismatic crime lord needs. He even has original art!

Meanwhile, Steve Boshear (aka /u/CaptainNeatoman) made this picture of his pugilist character, “Lights Out” Sullivan. Rumor has it he took down a house sized mimic!

Stop by our subreddit to discuss and share your own pugilist inspired creations.

8 thoughts on “Additional Fight Clubs for the Pugilist

  1. Why is Salt & Vinegar save DC changed to wisdom? Isn’t charisma more appropriate for insulting people. I mean I get you have to use your Insight to know how to properly insult someone but still you need your people skills to really express your self. Any why love this class thank you for making it.


  2. Let me start off by saying that I’ve been playing the Pugilist in a recent campaign, and it’s unquestionably my favorite homebrew class for 5th edition. Monks are the classic hand-to-hand DPR characters, but martial arts masters don’t surprise anyone when they take down a fully armed and armored foe. There’s so much flavor value in the raw, dirty pit fighting of the Pugilist that makes it so awesome to play.

    I’m a fervent homebrewer, and I recently got inspired to create a fight club for the Pugilist and wanted to just leave it here for (maybe) someone to look at and enjoy. I won’t be publishing it, but I thought I’d share it with the creator in case they ever wanted to see it. Thanks guys!


    1. I love the name and the concept, Thomas! It’s definitely a great start. I’d be happy to give you feedback. Is there a reddit or twitter account or can I leave comments on the google doc itself?


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