The Pugilist, Final Version

The long wait for the heavy weight is over!

In January I created the first draft of the Pugilist class and published it on this blog shortly after. I was blown away by the reader response. Readership has spiked every time the Sterling Vermin updates with a revision of the Pugilist and, even way back in the first draft, other creators were reaching out to me to homebrew their own archetypes for the class. Today marks the end of the Pugilist as a work in progress and its beginning as a full final version class. To celebrate, the Pugilist is now available on the DM’s Guild as Pay What You Want – so go get it and pay what you want!!

The Pugilist, Final Version

For the final version, the class is back down to its original two archetypes. An additional three archetypes will be released for the class in the coming weeks pending the completion of art. Speaking of art – all of the art in the Pugilist was made specifically for this class! Thanks to the incredibly generous support of the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co.’s Patreon backers we were able to afford original art for the Pugilist. Patreon backers are rewarded for their support every month with unique content only they get, including the Whiskey Fist Fight Club for the Pugilist. Patreon backers get all previously released exclusive content when they pledge so hop in on the fun today and the Whiskey Fist can be yours too!

the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. Patreon

One thought on “The Pugilist, Final Version

  1. Hi !

    I really like the idea of this class. I’m kind of a newb future DM and I really want to use a pugilist as a DMPC for my two players to try to help them no to die too early – I’ll play Lost mines of phandelver to get started, my two players are rogue and bard – xD and I have an idea of a cool character using this class, so really I like it. Great job.

    I’m sorry to up this comment section but I have a quick question about moxie : maybe I’m misreading but let’s see : “When an enemy creature deals damage to you that causes you to lose hit points equal to half your level or higher (not temporary hit points) you gain 1 moxie point, up to your maximum”.
    Does it mean that, let’s say at pugilist level 2, do I regain 1 moxie every time I’m hit for 1 hp only ? Or I’m level 3, do I regain 1 moxie when hit for 2 hp ? Also, is it rounded down or up in case of odd numbers? Because it could be 1 hp = 1 moxie at level 3 if rounded down (I’ll personally round it up I think). Last example : I’m level 10 and I’m hit for 5 hp, do I regain 1 moxie then? I want to know if I understood these points correctly before playing it.

    Otherwise, I really like what you’re doing on this website as a whole, I never really ran a game before but I love reading all the crazy homebrews and incredible supplements people publish.


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