Martial Artist & Sifu Feats Revised

Just like Daniel-san, we must always rehearse patience and effort, ever refining our technique in an endless parade of wax ons and wax offs. After a slew of feedback from around the internet, I’ve made some revisions and additions to the Martial Artist feat and included them here in today’s update. For the sake of future reader’s (and the tumblrs that repost this content without the context of the blog to explain it), the original file will be removed and replaced with this one.

Revised Martial Artist & Sifu Feats

In other news, I have seen preliminary sketches of the final two pieces of artwork for the Pugilist and I am happy to report they are beauties! As there are still a number of possible revisions that will take place with the art I can’t say exactly when the final Pugilist will arrive but my optimistic hope is 2 weeks and my prudent estimate is 4. But let’s hope for 2, shall we? Don’t forget that Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. backers already have access to an exclusive Pugilist archetype, the Whiskey Fist!

This weekend in the Bay Area it’s Kubla Con, a gaming convention I attend every year. If you happen to be going and you see me around, please say hello!

2 thoughts on “Martial Artist & Sifu Feats Revised

  1. I’m curious, considering that the Martial Artist feat’s unarmed damage stacks and increases each time you take it – would it also stack with the unarmed damage of a monk or pugilist? So, for example, if a 4th level monk took the Martial Artist feat, would that increase their unarmed damage from a d4 to a d6? And if so, what would happen when the monk reaches level 5, when their unarmed damage would increase to a d6 anyway? Would it then become a d8?


    1. My official answer is that they don’t stack precisely because it would involve answering a lot of the questions you bring up (plus even more complicated ones like what happens when you have a d12 damage die and you should upgrade it?). I don’t think it would necessarily be game breaking to do it if a given table wanted to add a little extra oomph to these feats but I personally wouldn’t do it.


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