Sailing the Astral Flow, Part 1.5

Greetings life forms!

Last week we introduced the Astral Flow and rules for the starfaring vessels that sail upon it. This week we spent so much time clarifying and adding to the original document that it seemed more accurate to call this update Part 1.5 than Part 2. So we did!

You will notice that starfaring vessels have more attributes now, the helm and engineering subsystems have received some changes, there is a new starfaring weapon, and there are five new subsystems! In an effort to keep the quality of the Sailing the Astral Flow rules as high as possible we will probably take a week or three to digest the rules as they are and allow for a period of feedback for adding anything new. If you get the chance to try out Part 1..5 in play, let us know!

Sailing the Astral Flow, Part 1.5

2 thoughts on “Sailing the Astral Flow, Part 1.5

  1. I love this! Mechanics seem solid and fun, with plenty of decisions for players to make. I do have a few questions though. For resisting the hacks, what is the player being hacked supposed to roll the save against? Is it an Intelligence save? subsystem proficiency? This portion was unclear. Also, when a ship is making a save, does it make a save based on the captain’s stat lines, or a specific subsystem officer? Furthermore, when attacking a ship, how does one determine which subsystem is affected? Is it up to the DM to roll randomly or can the players decide? Lastly, I would love to see what ranges are on the weapons. The hacks have a range but I noticed none for the weapons.

    Seriously, I absolutely love this and can’t wait to see more!


    1. I love this also. I’ve been avoiding focus on the ships in my aerial/spacey fantasy game since I wasn’t happy with existing systems. This really has a lot of promise. I am definitely going to use this, and the subsystem options finally provide compelling goals for my players on which they can spend lots of money and questing energy. Since the PCs have already spent a lot of downtime on board ships, I will likely offer them each a free subsystem proficiency (I’ll assume they’ve spent at least 100 unaccounted downtime days training the new skill proficiency).

      TheBlastedSpace: I see that the Aim action available to lead officers in the Weapons subsystem is the only way a vessel weapon can target anything but the hull. Without an LSO taking that Aim action, it appears weapons can only hit the hull. Similarly, it appears that the LSO’s Fire action fires a volley with all the system’s weapons, but unless the LSO previously aimed, all those weapons will target the hull. Notably, Aim only targets one subsystem, so the LSO could only target a Fire volley against either a single subsystem or the hull, not multiple subsystems with various weapons.

      In addition to TheBlastedSpace’s questions, here are some other clarification questions I have:
      — Is it correct that weapons hits to subsystems do not in any way harm the hull hp?
      — Do you mean for the Augmented Intelligence’s Persona’s proficiency bonus to be increase-able to a maximum of 18? Does that mean it would have a +18 proficiency bonus? Or was this formerly like ability scores perhaps?
      — Does a Persona have to ‘buy’ the ‘2 turns per round’ upgrade before it can buy the three or four rounds per action? What happens if they have more than one of those?
      — If a subsystem needs a minimum of 40 installation hp, does that mean all Personas must start with the benefits of at least 8 persona points on top of the bonus stats?
      — If all other combat works the same, (which I really like) do you mean PC ranged attacks/spells/etc. work as normal accounting for range/cover/etc.?
      — How do you anticipate PCs move through the astral? Can the ‘swim’ slowly? if they want to just physically jump to another vessel?
      — When teleporting with Transmission subsystem, does the destination have to be visible to the teleporting character, or the vessel? Does visible through magic count (i.e. scrying, a familiar’s senses, some scan action of the Intel subsystem, etc.)?
      — I’m curious why the classic pilot moves, Evasive Maneuvers, is wrapped into Defense rather than Helm. I see that Helm is more like command bridge than piloting subsystem. Is it because you assume most ships will take the Defense subsystem? I could see that a trade ship/freighter might skip a defense subsystem in favor of stronger engineering to shorten trips and cut down on the bottom line, and the Helm for remote operation with a skeleton crew.
      — Speaking of trade ships and freighters, do you have any thoughts about cargo capacity or maintenance/supply management and costs? Possibly a Storage subsystem that affords cargo capacity per 10 installation hp, and maybe a Quartermaster subsystem that renders most supply needs minimal to nonexistent?
      — As another subsystem idea, given the large deck size making inter-system movement impractical in combat, might be opportunities for faster maneuvering within the vessel, like a central transit design, transport tubes, or inter-vessel teleportation, especially for creatures not proficient in the transmission subsystem. Probably can use the identity stones of the Transmission system, but at present it appears that you can’t teleport within your own ship (except if the LSO uses the Beam ’em Up action).

      Again, I absolutely love this!


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