Sailing the Astral Flow, Part 1


Ahoy world lubbers!

In March I decided I was going to give myself permission to work on any passion project I wanted in April regardless of how broad or narrow I thought the appeal was. I immediately knew I wanted to write something that gave science fantasy a greater presence in D&D but I wasn’t sure what. I eventually narrowed my options down to “magical internet” or “magical spaceships” and, while I really hope to go back and flesh out “magical internet” someday, “magical spaceships” won.

Spaceships and space travel are expansive subjects to bring into a game that focuses on traditional fantasy so it’s going to take several installments (and probably several revisions of those installments!) to lay it all out. Today we introduce the first part of Sailing the Astral Flow, a series that details starfaring vessels, interstellar voyages, and the strange magic, creatures, and people that can be found in the astral flow. This week’s installation focuses on the basics of owning and operating a starfaring vessel.

Sailing the Astral Flow, Part 1

3 thoughts on “Sailing the Astral Flow, Part 1

  1. I love this piece of homebrew. However, in many campaigns, I think the mechanics for the ships would be more useful for vessels traversing the astral plane, rather than space, such as the warships commandeered by the githyanki. Overall amazing work.


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