Troubled Minds, Part 1

Fear mongers and lunatics rejoice!

Starting the grand finale of our month of gothic horror, we are pleased to present the first of two parts of Troubled Minds!

Themes of terror and insanity have always had a place in horror stories and have been modeled in a variety of ways over the course of D&D history. With Troubled Minds we hope to provide a modular and complete subsystem for 5e designed to incorporate those classic horror themes into your campaign. Today we reveal part one which contains the core rules for fear, horror, and madness in D&D 5e. These rules build on those presented in various editions of Dungeons & Dragons and attempts to improve their ability to provide narrative hooks and be mechanically engaging in their own right.

So whether you’re exploring the Domains of Dread or injecting a bit of terror into your homebrew setting, Troubled Minds has what you need to strike fear in the hearts of your players!

Troubled Minds, Part 1

2 thoughts on “Troubled Minds, Part 1

  1. How does immunity to fear affect this? It seems clear that it protects you from having to make fear saves, but does it protect you against horror and madness at all?


    1. Good question. I would say if you are immune to fear you never have to roll on the fearful reaction chart or make saving throws against fear. In general I would say you still make horror and madness saving throws unless you have other Immunities that seem to indicate you have no capacity for thought (immunity to charm and unconscious, immunity to psychic, etc.). No hard and fast rule about that though.


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